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Recently we personally reviewed many local businesses in the Northern Beaches area, and not surprisingly (to us here at CGDS) we can confirm that many have no website to display their products and services, or to let potential clients that they exist and what they offer.

What does this mean for local small and medium businesses, without a website? It means that they are losing business to their competitors who have websites, by not showcasing their products, services, expertise and experience on a site that is specifically designed to highlight the business with a targeted Call to Action that tells potential clients about the offerings and how they can quickly make contact to get a quote, have someone call back or order a product online


46% of small businesses have no website

Amanda Soderlund

Analyst, Clutch

This data is from a survey carried out in Mid 2016, although US centric, from our own assessment this is the situation here in the Northern Beaches and gernerally throughout Australia. What does this mean for you?

That there are great opportunities to get a head start on your competitors by having you own website, professionally designed, built and implemented by CGDS