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What Pages Should I Include

Other Must Have Pages

Most of this is should be self-evident, but it is amazing that some of these “Must Have” pages are not thought about or are simply overlooked when designing a website

1. Product Description

Should you put all of your product information online or just some of your products – YES, you should put everything online, to showcase your wares.

The vital element is how you present this product information that is key to users searching your products or simply clicking off if the layout is not simple and easy to use, or is not presenting the products in a way that gives a good user experience.

The reason that people search online is they want information. They have questions they want answered and problems they want solved. – this is a simple straightforward fact.

Describing your product or service in sufficient detail allows visitors decide if what you’re offering meets their needs. The more you tell, the better your opportunity to sell.  If you don’t provide enough detail, they’ll just click to another site.


2. Testimonials

It is important for you to tout your own abilities, but objective, third-party testimonials are far more believable.

There are two opportunities here, include a page on your website that has quotes from your customers and/or include testimonials in the product description.

These quotes need to specific and detailed. If at possible include full names and title and location, as that will further enhance the credibility of the testimonials.

Better than written testimonials are videos that let the satisfied customer tell his or her story on camera. This is very easy to do with any Smartphone or iPhone and submit to YouTube.

Depending on the Product or Service a case study may be appropriate, so this is something worth keeping in mind as well. These are generally more in depth, so take time and effort to plan, execute and publish.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ page gives you an opportunity to educate your prospective buyer. Not only can you provide a great deal of information here, you can also highlight your company’s products and capabilities in an unobtrusive manner. Ask the questions that show off your product’s unique qualities.

FAQ’s are also a good area to common sales objections by presenting them in an informative Q/A format.

If you have many FAQs, then simply break them into categories that make the page easy to navigate, remember you are providing a good user experience so that your user stays on page.  Learn more about what to include on your FAQ page here.

4. Opt-in Offer

As we know from our own experience at searching online, the majority visitors don’t buy the first time they visit a website. They shop around. They think it over. They procrastinate.

So how can you improve your chances if you only get one shot at it? Make sure that you give more than one shot for the new client to make a decision.

Offer a free report, e-newsletter or eBook that’s relevant. Once the visitor Opts-in you get their email address. This gives you the opportunity to stay in touch, promoting your products & services keeping your name in front of them. When they’re ready to make a decision, they will come back to you as you have kept in contact and have also been providing relevant data and facts.