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6 steps for web design6 Steps For Website Design

1. Products and Customers

    • Identify the main products & services
    • Who wants these products & services
    • Who does the business want to attract
    • What is the main focus and call to action

2. Keywords and Competition

    • What are people typing in search engines to find your product or service
    • Brainstorm suitable keywords, generic industry terms, specific product or service offerings, common abbreviations or everyday slang
    • Check out competitive businesses, what do they offer

3. Core Purpose Pages

    • Based on the top products/services/actions
    • Aim for 3 – 4 main categories

4. Home Page

    • The landing page is where users will first view your site
      • The first 5 – 10 seconds are critical
    • Main benefit, what will they get for spending their money with you
    • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) why will people choose this business
    • Core page links, contact details
    • Call To Action

5. Supporting Posts

    • Articles/blogs to support the Core Purpose Pages

6. Compliance Pages

    • Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy

Key Thoughts

  • There are websites and websites, some grab our attention, others simply do not, and we move onto another business (website), the above steps are essential when planning a website in getting the basics correct.
  • If you overlook any of these keys steps then you will be missing out on people finding and navigating your site to find the product or service they are after and selecting it there and then
  • It is essential to grab the users attention within the first 5 – 10 seconds, otherwise they will move on.